Words. Language. Stories and books are written using these funny little symbols that we’ve given meaning to called words. When you read a book, the language that the author chooses has the power to make you laugh and smile or gasp or be surprised or even cry. How amazing it is to think that letters... Continue Reading →



Many people find it very difficult to forgive. I believe there is a variety of reasons for this difficulty. They range from perception of weakness to the idea that if you forgive you are rolling over or being a doormat. I don’t think forgiveness is anything other than an act of love, strength and compassion... Continue Reading →


The meaning of life! We scifi addicts know that it’s not 42. So, what is it? The quote by Joseph Campbell suggesting that it is we who bring meaning to our own lives got me thinking. His idea would account for the fact that everyone measures meaningfulness differently. So, if we create our own meaning,... Continue Reading →


What does it really mean to support someone? It has been my experience that you don’t know for certain who will support you until you really need it. I was surprised by some of the people who weren’t there for me when I needed them the most and I was surprised by some of the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Cry Wolf

This post is different from previous ones in that it is deeply personal. I have tried to write it for a little while but it’s been very difficult to come to terms with so it has taken some time, a lot of internal work and some courage. I hope my experiences and shortfalls will somehow... Continue Reading →


What if I told you that happiness could be a constant in your life?  Unless there is a medical condition involved; like depression (which is very real and uncontrollable for sufferers), I believe happiness is a choice.  It is not always an easy choice but a choice nonetheless. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not... Continue Reading →

Let it go!

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about the concept of letting things go. When I talk about letting things go, I’m talking about all manner of things from objects all the way through to emotions and people. I think that mastering the skill of letting go is essential for happiness and wellbeing and aids... Continue Reading →


I call it personal reflection but some might call it hindsight.  There’s a reason that hindsight is thought to have 20/20 vision.  It’s because when you look at an event that has already occurred, it is so much easier to see what you did and decide what was right and wrong.  While you are IN... Continue Reading →


What does this mean to you?  It might be a full meditation session with visualising, it could be yoga or deep breathing or it could be simply sitting quietly somewhere.  Mindfulness is certainly a term we hear bandied around in modern times and we are often made to feel guilty if we don’t practice it. ... Continue Reading →

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