The word, inspiration, means different things to different people depending on the context in which it is used. If a group of artists are talking, inspiration could take on a completely different meaning to a discussion between a group of teachers for example. Not only does it depend on the people, but also the place... Continue Reading →



There are some definitive moments in all our lives when we are forced to make a choice.  I’m not talking about which shoes to buy or what to watch on the idiot box.  I’m talking about those moments when your decision is going to change the course of your whole life.  For some, it might... Continue Reading →


The reactions of those around us have a great impact on how we feel. Reciprocally our reaction to an event or information has an impact on others. Sometimes these reactions are helpful and sometimes…they are not. As a teacher, I learned very quickly that my reactions dramatically impacted the outcome of events. Remaining calm and... Continue Reading →

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