What if I told you that happiness could be a constant in your life?  Unless there is a medical condition involved; like depression (which is very real and uncontrollable for sufferers), I believe happiness is a choice.  It is not always an easy choice but a choice nonetheless. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the incessant Pollyanna happiness that is just annoying. When I say happiness, I mean genuine soul nourishing happiness that makes you glow and feel content not the fleeting happiness that you have when you find extra chips in the bottom of the McDonalds bag. I’m talking about the kind of happiness that sustains you. Everyone feels annoyed, angry or sad sometimes but they can still be happy at their core. This is the kind of happy that I’m talking about. If you sit for a moment, in silence, and close your eyes and search your feelings, what would you find? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you found true happiness and contentedness?


So how do we find this font of happiness? Where is it? Well, it’s inside you. Lasting happiness can only come from within; it cannot be brought about by anything external. Intrinsic happiness stems from a love of oneself. Because of this, you have to put yourself into situations that make you feel good about yourself. It’s more than just doing things that you enjoy, although this is important too. But it also means doing things that make you proud of yourself. 

  • Challenge yourself and celebrate your success. 
  • Take notice of what makes you unique and wonderful. Make a list of these things if you need to. We are each absolutely the only one of us on the planet and that in itself is enough to make us beautiful. 
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you. Find (and keep) people who make you feel comfortable to be yourself and who respect you enough to be open and honest with you. 
  • Do kind things for other people. This has been proven to lead to improved wellbeing and happiness and those of us who do this frequently would agree I’m sure. 
  • Find joy in small things and practice mindfulness                                                        Each of these things lead towards happiness. Test them out and when you feel happy, bask in it for a while and really feel the emotion so that you can recall it later if you need to. If you have other ideas to add about what leads towards happiness, I’d love to hear about them. Thank you for your attention and I hope you find your happy.



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